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Roll out at your own pace

Ablator is a Service that enables you to roll out functionalities in a controlled way, and perform good A/B testing.

Controlled Rollout

You have 40.000 users. Do you want all of them to hit your server at once after that new update? If not, consider carefully and systematically releasing your new functionality with ablator.

A/B Testing

Your new app design could go two, three, many tasty ways. Want to distribute each variant among your users and see how they are doing? ablator keeps track which user gets which flavor.

It works like this:

  1. You define your app's switchable functionalities in ablator.
  2. Your app asks ablator "User X wants Functionality Y. Which Flavor should they get, if any?"
  3. ablator takes care of rolling out the feature in a way that you define.
As an administrator, you'll get a nice overview of what percentage of users has a functionality enabled. 😎

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Try It Out BETA

For free even!

Ablator is in an extended Beta period where the service is fully usable, but the UI is a bit rough around the edges. To iron everything out, and to let you fearlessly try it without any commitment, you can use the hosted version of ablator completely free of charge.

The software will always be open-source, and you will always be able to self-host it for free.

If you choose to use hosted ablator in the beta period, and want to switch to self-hosted at a later point, we'll do our best to help you migrate your data.

Come to Space!

The hosted version of ablator is at! You should try it out and then tell us how you like it! Your feedback is awesome!

Register at BETA

It's free and quite stable, but please be advised that we take no responsibilty for lost data at this point.

You can access ablator from your App

Either use these libraries, or make a simple web request.

Some Screenshots, for your viewing pleasure:

List of Apps in Ablator
A Functionality Overview
A Functionality's Release List
Instructions on how to include a Functionality